What Is It, Really?

Value is created, consumed, perceived, and received. It is also universally misunderstood.


Value Around the World

Everyone in the world is impacted in some way by value creation, yet few perceive it, much less understand how it works.

Customers and users consume the products and services that they find valuable.

Business owners and executives are (or should be) concerned with finding ways to increase the value of their products or services.

Entrepreneurs must create value with their ideas or their ideas will perish.

Employees are part of the value chain. They are subject to the forces of supply and demand that impact the business for which they work.

Value is either directorly or indirectly the subject of countless books, podcasts, training courses, and more.

It is the combination of utility and warranty. Utility is what something does or provides, and warranty is the extent to which it does it.

But value is not merely a mechanical culmination of utility and warranty. It is also subject to the perceptions and preferences of its consumer.

Value is created and managed by people using processes and tools.

One may be part of the value creation process, or simply subject to its outcomes -- including the outcomes of competitors that are better at creating value.

The Value Academy™ is dedicated to the study of value creation across the principal elements of people, processes, and technologies.