DevOps Training and Certification

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the short form combination of "development" and "operations". It may be define as "set of software development practices that combine software development and information-technology operations". It's purpose is to shorten the software production-deployment life cycle to deliver features and fixes more frequently and in close alignment with business needs or objectives.

About the Course

This course is designed for a wide audience. Business and product managers will learn the concepts and benefits of practices like continuous delivery and continuous deployment. Developers and systems administrators will learn the business value of DevOps; increased quality, cost reduction, and quicker deployment times.

All learners will gain an understanding of DevOps and how collaboration and communication, integration and automation can improve the workflow of systems administrators and software engineers.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for DevOps Foundation include understanding of:

  • The benefits to the business and by extension its customers and users.
  • The goals, values, and vocabulary.
  • The results, challenges, and risks involved.
  • The relationship of DevOps to frameworks such as Agile, ITSM, and lean IT.
  • Practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment.


ITIL 4 Foundation training may be delivered online or in-person over roughly 16 hours. We also include an additional 4 hours of review and exam preparation for those that wish to attend. Additionally, we offer a post-training consulting session to help learners with practical implementation of DevOps.

The exam is optional and administered by th DevOps Institute.


  • Any individual involved in software development and systems administration.
  • Organizations embarking on Agile or Lean that wish to incorporate DevOps.
  • Anyone requiring an understanding of the cultural shifts required when adopting DevOps.


Our instructors have successful track records as IT professionals and bring that acumen into the classroom. Utilizing the highest quality content, our trainers blend their real-life experiences into lively classroom discussion.


  • Category: Software Development
  • Length: 16 to 20 hours

Ready to Start Learning?

DevOps training includes:

  • Instructor-led training.
  • Delivered online or on-site. A minimum of 10 learners is required.
  • Supporting documentation and learning materials.

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