How to Own a Software Product

Software Product Management

The non-technical entrepreneur is faced with many hurdles in building and launching a software product.

There are the usual challenges of marketing and sales, but also the black box of software development.

With regard to software development, the choices are:

  1. Learn to code and build the product yourself.
  2. Hire a developer or (often offshore) agency to do the work.
  3. Find a "technical co-founder".

In spite of the many books written on "Teach Yourself XZY Language in 24 Hours", learning to code well takes a lot of time. This is impractical if it takes 10 years or 10,000 hours to develop such expertise. In the end, you don't know what you don't know, which will lead to problems and incidents in the finished product.

Hiring a developer can be challenging. The job market is extremely competitive, placing a full-time developer out of the financial reach of most bootstrapped software projects.

As with hiring a developer, finding a technical co-founder presents a number of challenges, some of which are the same, while others are entirely new.

About the Course

This five-part series that will step you through the technical aspects of bringing a great software product to market.

Learn about the people, processes, and technologies that produce great software.

All of the challenges are addressed with training and advice from an experienced business consultant and programmer.

Learning Objectives

Learners will gain an understanding of software development and ownership.

  1. Understand the basics of of building software, including terminology and understanding project scope.
  2. Enable a non-technical person to make better decisions regarding developer resources, and if desired, more confidently search for technical assistance.
  3. Learn he quickest and most effective means of documenting a software project prior to production.
  4. Learn to successfully manage the scope and reduce the risks of bringing a software product to market.
  5. Learn to consistently maintain and improve a software product into the future.


This self-paced course is delivered online over roughly five (5) hours.

  • The Foolish Adventure: An Essential Introduction to Software Developer for Non-Technical Persons
  • Fantastic Developers and Where to Find Them: How to Hire a Software Developer or Recruit a Technical Co-Founder
  • Measure Twice, Code Once: How to Create Minimal Viable Software Documentation
  • Pie in the Sky to Food on the Table: How to Manage a Software Project to Completion
  • Technical Traction Control: How to Own and Manage a Software Product


The audience may be:

  • Business or product managers.
  • Customer service representatives tasked by basic tech support.
  • IT professionals that have spent most of their time working with legacy systems.


Our instructors have successful track records as IT professionals and bring that acumen into the classroom. Utilizing the highest quality content, our trainers blend their real-life experiences into lively classroom discussion.


  • Category: Software Development
  • Length: 5 hours
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  • Self-paced or instructor-led training.
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  • Supporting documentation and learning materials.

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